Monday, January 28, 2008

Special day for the Peasleys

Saturday evening, Jan 26th was a special evening for the Peasley family. Tom had the honor of baptizing both Miranda and Aaron during our church service. They were both very excited and have asked about this for a couple of months. Miranda was a little more apprehensive about getting up in front of people, especially 500 people, but we talked in depth and read scripture explaining why we do baptizing in front of a congregation. It was an interesting evening though. They had 22 people lined up to get baptized at the beginning of the service and realized at the last minute someone had accidently drained the baptizmal. They decided to do the entire church service and save baptizing until the end to actually have some water to baptize in. I love that God overcomes all obstacles. I know he is definitely overcoming some for us right now!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Up for a little more fun (1/25/08)

So, our last week did not start out all that great. I spend 3 days in bed, nursing scrapes with Neosporin and lots of bruises that make me look like I played too closely with a baseball bat. Saturday morning brings a quiet morning and Tom asking if I am feeling better. I should have lied and said no as he proceeds to tell me he was contacted on Friday and informed he would be leaving for Afghanistan in the near future. Memories of just 18 months ago and another year remote pass by my eyes. Our luck just doesn't seem to be getting better. He will leave for two months of training and then 6 months of deployment. To add to the news, rumors of Tonia and the kids having to move again float through the air. Again, the posole should have maybe been traded for the black eyed peas or a good fortune cookie!

How life changes

As I said earlier, it is amazing how you can be going about your regular day and all of a sudden something happens to change everything. Last Tuesday morning, I did my regular morning routine of around 9:30am leaving and walking to the gym that is not 2 minutes from our house. I usually go with a friend down the street to work out but today she couldn't join me. It was cold outside and so my lightweight workout jacket didn't provide much warmth as I casually strolled through our neighborhood to the gym. As I approached the gym, the man who needs to unlock the door was outside unlocking it for someone else. I remember thinking, "run or walk a little faster so he doesn't have to stand out in the cold." Just as I went to take my hands out of my pocket, I tripped over a spacer in the sidewalk and without my hands available to protect my fall, I literally fell flat on my face. I remember the sound of my face hitting concrete. Not a sound I will soon forget. I don't remember much after that until I heard the voice of one of the ladies that work in the office telling me to groan or something so she would know I was awake. I remember feeling a mouth full of broken teeth and LOTS of blood.

For the next 20 minutes, ambulances arrived, Tom was called to the scene and I was assessed by several EMT's . At one point I heard an EMT saying he was having a hard time getting a pulse (I'm obviously alive if I heard this!) They decide to transport me to the hospital in an ambulance. FYI, Ambulances are bumpy rides if you have never had the privilege of riding in one. Skip it if you have the chance! We proceeded to spend an hour or so not getting much attention other than yes, we think you have a broken nose, no, your hips not broken, probably just dislocated, and you are missing several teeth. They inform me it will take a couple of hours to get in for X-rays. I decide to skip the X-rays and return home to lots of tylenol and motrin and bed for the next 3 days. The prescription for Vicadin goes unfilled as I decide I probably need to feel some pain for such a stupid mistake.

I'm looking much better by Sunday. The bruises and swelling are going down. I lost 6 pounds off the liquid diet and I am waiting for several more weeks for the triple root canal and three crowns that will have to be implanted. So far, my 3 bowls of posole that were suppose to bring me luck in the New Year are proving I should have opted for the black eyed peas.

Welcome to the Peasley blog (1/25/08)

Welcome to the Peasley blog. We decided to start this blog as our next year is one that is looking to be a very busy one and will keep us from trying to keep everyone updated individually. So feel free to visit our blog to catch up with us as frequently or infrequently as you would like. It is amazing how our lives can be turned upside down in just a few short hours.