Saturday, May 17, 2008

Where in the World is Tom?

The primary purpose of starting a blog is to keep family and friends updated on Tom this year. He spent the month of April at Ft. Dix in New Jersey. He experienced a lot of hand to hand combat and is sporting enough bruises to show he really got involved. Thankfully by the time we were in Mexico, his bruising had turned to yellow so was not quite as noticeable. We returned from Mexico and he left early on Sunday for his week and a half in Maryland. He is now out there finishing up his training before he "officially" starts this next deployment. It is funny how they say a deployment is only for 6 months but they add almost 2 months of training on to it. He called this morning to say he was renting a car and going to our favorite store, IKEA, to do some shopping for me. I love my husband!!! He will be back for Memorial Day weekend and leave the following week. We are still in complete limbo on our next assignment. We are still trying our best to leave it in God's hands but we have definitely been through the wringer on what path our life will take for the past two years.

Japanese Tea

On Saturday, Miranda and I attended a Japanese Tea at a local tea house. The woman that owns the tea house caters to girls Miranda's age and hosts several teas throughout the year. She consulted me a few months ago about what to do and I was honored to be asked to attend. We tasted several treats and attended a very abbreviated version of a tea. Miranda is anxious to attend the Victorian Camp that will be hosted there this summer and learn about how the art of tea has changed throughout the years.

The Best part

Of course, the best part of Mexico is the beach and ocean. Surprisingly, I miss the smell of salt water and the feel of humidity on our skin was a welcome change. The kids and Tom definitely stole their part of the sun, a little too much for Aaron. Being that we were so close to the equator and the salt from the ocean, reapplying sunscreen got away from us and on the last day, poor little Aaron was feeling the fun of spending too much time in the sun. He quickly recovered though and decided he would listen to his dear mom in the future about wearing a shirt while out playing. We could not have asked for a better vacation and time together before Tom departs us for 6 months. We are looking forward to the next opportunity to visit Mexico again.

What's not to Love?

Watching Aaron try to learn how to barter was hilarious. Any opportunity someone has to place something in your hands, means they have a chance at getting you to buy it. Aaron found himself debating over dish towels, plaques and items he absolutely had no use for. He is a little boy that finds it hard to make anyone upset and kept saying he did not want to hurt their feelings. He would act genuinely interested until I would finally step in and tell them no for him. When he did find something he would like, he would offer them all the money he had for a trinket that was worth about a $1.00. He finally decided this game was way too difficult and saved his $20 to be spent on a Lego set once he got home. He said he at least would know that whatever something cost from a store was worth it. I don't know about that, but it was a good lesson for him.

Mexico cont.

Another highlight of our trip was while we were on the Chichen Itza excursion, the tour bus stopped at a Cenote, an underground river that runs through this part of Mexico and where the locals receive most of their drinking water. This specific Cenote has been opened to the public for a nice way to cool down on a hot day. The Cenote is located about 200 feet underground so you have to walk down an interior stairway to get to it. They have of course made it tourist friendly by adding ladders and steps to help make it more accessible. Aaron was of course the eager one and Miranda decided she wasn't going to let her little brother out-do her on this adventure.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mexico Trip

What an awesome vacation. We relaxed so much and spent some great time together as a family. We stole our share of the sun and ate and drank our way through the week. Did I say how much we like margaritas? The hotel surpassed our expectations and we found that vacationing at a resort might just be to our liking. Tom returned home on the afternoon of the 3rd from his 5 weeks of training in NJ. We quickly switched out suitcases and repacked for a fun week in the sun. We left on Sunday and flew from Alb. to Houston, where we were of course, delayed. We made it to Cancun Sunday evening a little later than expected but had no problem hailing a cab and jetting off to our hotel.

The weather for the week was excruciatingly beautiful and we had so much fun just relaxing around the pool and watching the kids try to get the hang of boogie boarding again. When we lived in Florida, going to the beach was their favorite thing to do, and their memories served them right again. So, back to life around the pool. Did I mention the drinks and food? I tried many new drinks, although they are not very strongly made with alchohol. This was great for me because it gave me a chance to try different things where had I been at home with altitude and regular strengh, I can only drink a few sips before really feeling it. The food and service was impeccable and we feel like we ate ourselves through Mexico.

On Wed., we took a day trip to the Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza. These ruins are over 1500 years old. The kids and I had been studying for several weeks before about the Mayans and Aztecs and Aaron was quite anxious to conquer the main pyramid at Chichen Itza. Little did we know that two years ago and elderly women had fallen from the pyramid and they have closed it to climbing. Aaron was quite disappointed that we was not going to climb the thousand steps to reach his goal. The Mayans were a very advanced people and very skilled in mathmatics. They determined the end of the world would come in 2012 when the Mayan calendar officially ends.