Saturday, June 21, 2008

On top of Sandia

Before Tom left, we spent memorial Day weekend here in Albuquerque with my parents. We had a great weekend filled with barbecues and a day trip to the top of Sandia.

Keeping busy with Camp

This week we spent the week traveling between camps that both the kids were attending. Aaron had the opportunity to attend zoo camp all week where he learned all about the different habitats of animals and got to go behind the scenes to learn about their care. He had a great time and although it was hot outside, his ingenious idea of a spritzer kept him and his zoo mates cool all week.

Miranda attended "Victorian Camp" at the same time her brother was frolicking at the zoo. She learned all about the difficulties ladies in the Victorian era endured and how life today with a/c and our choice of clothing really is so much easier. She had a great time trying different teas all week and has become quite the tea connoisseur. She mentioned how difficult it was to preform daily chores in hoop skirts and even sitting becomes a challenge in this attire. Her cross-stitching skills got a workout and learning proper etiquitte in all things made her realize that having manners is something that moms throughout the centuries have been instilling in their children.

Monday, June 16, 2008


We just returned from Colorado for the week. Back to good ol' New Mexico where it was still 92 degrees when we pulled into town last night at about 9pm. My hands are swollen nice and round this morning already. Of course, that may have been the bean burrito at 9:30pm that could have done the trick. We had a nice week in Colorado visiting family and friends. I attended a conference for a few days and a dear friend, Angie, kept the kids entertained for me. I can't believe at times the people we are still in contact with after so many years. We met Brian and Angie in Yokota over 10 years ago and are still very close with them. God has blessed us with so many incredible friends over the years.
We had a good week and spent Fathers Day with Grandpa. We were treated to a 30 minute phone call with Tom and I finally feel like I am connected with him again. I miss our conversations and talking to him about anything. The kids did great on the trip home and will jump right into several activities this week. Keeping ourselves as busy as possible. Just a FYI, any of the pictures you see on our blog, just click on the picture and it will get larger for you. Also, would love to hear comments from anyone. At the bottom of each post is a comment insert. Just click and type. Thanks for the support we receive from so many of you. We are saying good-bye to several friends again this summer so we are hoping our blog will keep us close at heart.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Builders at work

Anyone that is in the military or married to a member of the military knows that holidays, birthdays and any other special events have to stand aside to the job
of protecting freedom. Tom has celebrated many birthdays and Fathers Days away and this year will not be an exception. This year we bought him a desk for Fathers Day that he actually won't be using for several months. In fact, his form of a desk is disposable at the moment, a cardboard box. The kids decided they wanted to put this whole thing together on their own. We spent 9 hours, yes, you read right, 9 hours putting this 'fine' product together.

They finally mastered the screwdriver, hammer and my favorite tool, the torque drill. They are so proud of their accomplishment and finished product. They are now out at several local home improvement stores trying to get jobs as assembly employees. They are hoping for a job that pays by the hour!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Miranda's Afghan outreach

Miranda has found her way of connecting with Tom while he is away. We decided it was our goal to find out all we could about the country and children of Afghanistan. Miranda read several books and found that the children of this country have so little, that her compassionate heart had to do something. She initially decided to go through her stuffed animals and mail small toys to a friend who is deployed. Our friend distributed the toys and sent pictures of some of the children who received these gifts. They were so heart touching. Miranda then started on a mission. She and her friend, Grace, started telling everyone about their collection and before long we had several more boxes of toys to ship. We had a friend in our small group bible study that decided to collect toys instead of receive gifts at her birthday party. Miranda and Grace spent last weekend baking up a storm and sold lemonade and cookies this week at several locations close to us. They have both written a couple of letters explaining their inspiration for their project and are well on their way of collecting enough money/toys to continue sending throughout the summer. As adults, we sometimes wonder how we can make a difference as an individual. Take the inspiration of a 10 year old and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. It only takes one to start something BIG!

Catching up

So, we are finally to the part in our blog of catching up with Tom. He left last Wed. and arrived at his final destination on Saturday. Our phone conversations have been limited but it sounds like he is trying to settle in. He hit the ground running and is still trying to find time a week later to finish unpacking. We are struggling a little with how we will communicate over the next several months as his laptop is fairly old and will not support the functions we need it to. We are still working on our options. Sounds as if he is as comfortable as can be expected and at least he is eating well. I'm sure it is nothing compared to home cooking but Tom is pretty easy to accomodate so I am sure he will do fine.

The kids and I are settling in as well. Our first week was a bit rough, especially for Aaron. It is hard to understand losing your playmate and seeing other kids who have not. He and I have had several conversations and we have a project the two of us are working on that should keep us very busy. We will be doing quite a lot of traveling this summer, so we are hoping the time will fly by. We will keep you posted on our adventures.