Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flyer in the house

Aaron decided a few years ago that he is going to be a pilot someday. He now just has to decide what kind of plane. He was fortunate last year to tour the Eclipse Aviation facilities here in Albuquerque. He decided then he would buy the $3 million dollar plane from Eclipse and go after the "real money." Friday, he had the chance to sit in a couple helicopters during a base event. He is now thinking the helicopter looks like a little more fun and can go places his fixed plane won't be able to. But, he has decided the AF is not equipping their helicopters with the "right" gear so he will just build a new one himself with additions he wants. He said he needs certain ammenities to fly his sister around the world into remote locations to save the animals! The boy has big dreams!!

Busy Summer Travels

With Tom gone, we are trying our best to keep busy this summer. We spent the 4th of July in Colorado with my cousin and my parents at a mountain top cabin. We were out of cell phone range, no television reception and limited radio stations. Life is good when you can escape technology. The teenagers in the group had a difficult time, but I enjoyed the quiet. We went 4 wheeling and fishing and enjoyed the cool temperatures. We returned to the city with my cousin where we spent 3 additional days with her. The kids loved playing with cousins who enjoy them, and kept busy with night games.
We returned to Albuquerque to mild temperatures, which was a welcome relief. It is monsoon season and the rain usually comes in the afternoons to cool things down. The kids and I were treated this weekend to a deployed spouses retreat in the mountains north of Santa Fe. The retreat was held at a Christain conference center which provided a beautiful setting for time together. The chapel really out did itself with lots of activities for the kids, bonfires (Aarons favorite of course), a Noahs Ark workshop where each child received a teddy bear they stuffed and with a voice device for dads to record a message to the kids. Tom is going to try to do one over the phone where it will be a little quieter to hear him. The kids met some new friends and we had the highlight of seeing a bear behind our dorm last night....A BIG BEAR!! He was just leaving a dumpster when we came upon him. I know the books say to stay still when you see a bear but when you are less than 100 ft away, I couldn't get us running fast enough. We bolted into our dorm and sat down to laugh for a few minutes. All in all, the weekend gave me time to spend with other families who are living the same summer as we are and hopefully provide some support for those getting ready to leave. It helps to talk to others and hear their suggestions on getting through family separations. The last picture you see is what happens when moms have had enough of little boys! Just kidding!!
We leave again on Tuesday for 9 days in Florida and we are anxious to see friends and family. I am thinking we should get our share of humidity and hopefully lots of sunshine. Miranda will celebrate her 11th Birthday on Tuesday and we have some fun things planned for her in Florida. We'll check back in a few weeks!
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