Friday, August 8, 2008

Life isn't life until you have been to a Demolision Derby

On our way home from the park, we drove by what we thought to be a stock car race. I remember when I was growing up, going to the races on Friday nights was a hit. Who wouldn't want to re-live that experience. So, we did a u-turn and went to the races. It ended up being a demolision derby, even better, although more safety precautions are taken nowdays. The kids thought it was hysterical to see these old cars bash into each other and witnessing what constitutes fun on a Friday night, in a small town, was something they won't soon forget.

Cliff Dwellings at Mesa Verde

We returned home from our trip to Florida and jetted off a day later to Colorado, once again. I met my cousin and her two girls in Cortez, Colorado for a day of activities. We met up about 3pm, checked into our hotel and then loaded up for a day of hiking at Mesa Verde National Park. The cliff dwellings in the park are over 1300 years old and still very much in tact. They were absolutely stunning and it was fun to imagine how life would have been 1300 years ago.

Being the Man of the House

Sometimes military families swith roles for awhile. Sometimes little boys have to grow up quicker then they usually do to help take the role of dad when he is away. Aaron was eager to take on his new role of lawn mower and mom had a hard time giving it up.

More Florida fun

We spent 4 days with Aunt Mitzie and then drove over to Navarre to visit friends and see the area where we used to live. I think this year was easier for me to be detached from our house and to really enjoy just visiting. We spent the three days with Christena, our past neighbor and met Logan, her sweet, baby boy. Aaron wasn't too sure about spending time with a baby but near the end of the visit, he started really enjoying Logan and was sad to leave. We did not have much time at the beach due to rain and a infestation of jelly fish this year. We opted for a fun afternoon at the Roberts house and it is amazing what smiles an inflatable waterslide can bring!

July was a blur

The last month seems to have disappeared before my eyes. I set out this summer to make it go by quickly and I feel like I have accomplished my goal. Summer is such a bummer with dad being gone but we have made the best of it and have given our suitcases a workout. We returned from our mountain retreat on the 19th of July and left 3 days later for Florida. Miranda celebrated her 11th Birthday the day before we left. I can't believe I have an eleven year old and am trying my best to prove to myself that I am still young and vibrant and able to keep up with the energy of a younger me. Miranda's friend, Molly, joined us for a pasta dinner at Buca's and a huge helping of double chocolate cake to celebrate the day.
We left the following day for our flight to Florida. We were fortunate enough to get through Houston early before Hurrican Dolly made any impact on the area. I have learned my lesson though and arrived at the airport here in Albuquerque with a separate bag packed with overnight essentials, pillows and blankets for the off-chance we would be spending a night in the Houston airport again. Think I have experience with this?? We made it to Jacksonville with no problems and was met by aunt Mitzie. She drove us back through pouring rain to Palm Coast where we were met with clear skies and warm smiles and hugs from uncle Frank and Oba-chan, great grandma to the kids. We love spending time with Tom's aunt and are always fed well and pampered the entire time. The kids spent many hours in the pool and had a fabulous visit over-all.