Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brotherly Love

Since we are leaving for Colorado tomorrow, we decided to let Aaron open up a couple gifts early. He was so excited after just ripping off a corner of the wrapping paper, that he grabbed his sister and swung her around. She is his best friend and they are inseparable. He knew it was her doing that made it possible for me to pick the RIGHT Lego set to add to his collection.

Kayaking adventures

As I mentioned, Miranda's Girl Scout troop is very active and does all sorts of fun things. Last week, the girls put their kayaking skills to the test in the indoor pool here on base. They learned how to get in a kayak and exit one safely. I don't know if they are ready for a river run, but it was good experience none the less.

Baseball Rain-out

Miranda has had a busy couple of weeks with a multitude of activities. She has the most organized, energetic Girl Scout leader that anyone could ever ask for. A couple of weeks ago we attended what was suppose to be a sleepover at the baseball stadium for the professional league they have here. The girls had a great time eating popcorn, pizza and anything else they could find. Around the 5th ending, a torrential downpour started that cancelled all hopes of sleeping out on the field. We stood under the bleachers and waited out the storm before ending our fun night.

Never a dull moment

So, as usual, we have been keeping ourselves very busy. The summer flew by without us hardly noticing. We have started back to school and are trying to get into the swing of things, if only we could slow down long enough to do so. The next several months will be filled with dance rehearsals, LOTS of them, classes and one more trip without dad. We are heading to Colorado and California tomorrow for a week. We will start house shopping in Colorado for our much anticipated move to Colorado.

A highlight every year is Miranda cutting her hair for charity. This year we let it get a little longer than usual and today, Miranda said goodbye to 8 inches to a better cause. I am so proud of her for always putting others first. She is my amazing, most caring, young lady and she always manages to surprise me with the way she reaches out to others.