Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last hiking trip in New Mexico

Miranda's Girl Scout troop went hiking just north of Albuquerque to an area called Tent Rocks. We decided that it would be a good chance for our entire family to do one more hiking trip before we left this area. We have been so busy packing boxes and getting ready to move the rest of our things to Colorado, we haven't had much time for "fun" activities.

We had a bit of a scare the other morning. I woke up at about 5:00am with a popping in my head and numbness that started from the base of my skull down my arm. Tom rushed me to the emergency room where we then spent 10 hours trying to figure out why I was having so much pain. Ten hours, a cat scan and an MRI later, we found a herniated disk at the base of my skull that is bulging and causing pressure on the main nerve flowing from my head down my back. The popping was the bone around the disk popping out of socket (or so I am told!) I am now on pain meds to help alleviate the pain and a major "time out" to let the swelling go down. All this stems back to the accident I had over a year ago. So, take it from me, never, never, fall on your face!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Miranda's Outreach to Afghan children

As many of you know, Miranda started a mission last summer to collect money to buy gifts for Afghan children. She has a real passion for reaching out to these children who are the most affected by the war being waged in their country. To date, she has raised over $300 dollars and has sent 8 boxes of gifts to the children in Afghanistan. We have a friend of Tom's who is now taking the gifts she sends to a hospital where children are being treated for all types of injuries and sickness. She started making fleece blankets to send and this month made Easter bags to send to the children. I am so proud of her for reaching out, even if it is in a small way. She recently wrote an essay for her writing class explaining her reasoning for her project. It made me cry to read what she had written and to know this is all coming from her heart.

Scientists in the Making

Miranda and Aaron are taking a physics class this semester and have really discovered their love of science. The class has given them the opportunity to do some great experiments and participate in an upcoming science fair. Their teacher sends all the materials they need home each week to show their parents the experiment they did in class. In this one, they used a 6-volt battery and wired it to illuminate a light bulb. I'm quite impressed as I never enjoyed science much in school and love they are educating me along the way.

Tree Climbing Lessons

I wonder how I can scale that tree? Oh common lady, give me a break!
Enough learning for the day!
Mission accomplished.

It has been beautiful in Albuquerque the last few weeks. Other than the horrid wind, we have been enjoying 60-70 degree weather. We are trying to keep up with school during all the chaos in our household, so last week we decided to take it outside for the afternoon. Miranda decided our two cats needed to become "tree climbing" animals and she needed to give them lessons. It was quite funny to watch. I think one picked it up but the other is pretty clueless. Only the orange cat has claws so makes it a little easier for her.