Sunday, June 28, 2009

How did we get so busy?

We are still looking for summer in Colorado. Most days it is in the mid 60-70's. We've only had a few 80 degree days. Not that I am complaining. I love the rain in the afternoon and the fresh smell of trees when we go outside. We have learned to keep jackets in the car at all times.

The last few weeks have kept us hopping. The kids both attended camp about two weeks ago. It was so hard for me to have them both gone at once and Tom still in Albuquerque. I learned a lot about myself that week and learned I can keep myself occupied without someone always yelling for mom. Of course, picking Aaron up from camp with a full onset of strep was not fun. He was quite miserable the last few days at camp (still can't figure out why a nurse didn't call me) and then for the few days after he got home. We found he is really allergic to almost any antibiotic and know to always give him an antihistamine to combat his reactions. He finally recovered and we were able to spend a couple of fun days with visiting guests from out of town.

Other news, Tonia finally is returning to work. I can't believe anyone would have taken the time to recruit me, but God is good. I will be working from home doing medical insurance work. I trained last week for 40 hours and am hoping I have the hang of things. It is different for me to return to work after being out of the loop in so long, but I think I will like it. Working from home will give me flexibility and I will still be able to spend a lot of time with the kids.

Tom started work on Friday. He too will be going through quite a lot of changes. He has never been an instructor before and working with cadets will be a whole new opportunity. We had the privilege to sponsor a couple last week for the night before they in-processed. We are praying that we will be good mentors and do the work God wants us to.