Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pikes Peak

The sun shining on Pikes Peak was beautiful the other morning. This was our last view of sun for 3 days as the snow came down in torrents.

Misawa Memories

Oh my, Misawa memories are flying by us today. We have had a snow storm now that has gone on continuously for 2 days. Both kids have had the last two days as snow days and today really added on the extra inches. I think we porbably have at least a foot on the ground but some of our drifts are 2-3 ft. deep. THank goodness for the large snowblower we bought Tom for Fathers Day this year. A little one just wasn't going to cut it in our neck of the woods. We figured if you live in Colorado, might as well live where you are going to get a lot of snow. Guess we picked the right place! Its a good night to cozy up to the fireplace and watch movies tonight!