Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Blessings

We spent a full two weeks at my parents. We had lots of fun nights playing games, watching movies, dinner out and viewing Christmas lights. Aaron and Grandpa made a plan to really decorate Grandpa's house next year. Look out Chevy Chase, you have competition!! Miranda and Aaron got a WII game this year which provided lots of entertainment for the day. I endulged in an afternoon nap after a dinner of prime rib and home made apple pie. We ended the day with a nice warm soak in the hot tub to help us drift off to a good nights rest. The next day was spent doing house inspections and packing for the trip home. Aaron never did get his big snow storm, although they had one in Albuquerque during the time we were gone. I am sure he will have many opportunities to use his sled in the future. We never know what God has in store for the New Year. We are just leaving ourselves open to his plans. He continues to bless us with all that we need and we can't imagine what he has in store for '09.

Enjoying the rest of the holidays

With our mission of finding a house behind us, we focused on enjoying the rest of the holiday season. Aaron has discovered his love of ice skating, so the rest of us decided to try out our ice skating abilities. Tom and Miranda have never been and Tom discovered his new found talent of "wall hugger." He did venture away from the wall and we all decided it is a sport we may try to do more often. We had a fun time as a family and grandpa manned the camera. We may get him out on the ice in the future. We found a great new rink not far from our new home that has lessons and ice hockey teams. It also has an in-line rink along with indoor rock climbing.

Onto December

After the excitement of the Nutcracker, we didn't have much time before we left for Colorado for the holidays. We quickly tried to bake for neighbors and attend office parties before we left. We loaded all our packages, including two cats, and headed to Colorado on the 14th for the holidays. Aaron was quite disappointed at the lack of snow but kept his hopes high that during the two weeks we were visiting he would have a chance to sled. We arrived in Colorado and immediately set out on our mission of possibly finding a house. The first day we were there, we found the house that we would eventually buy. We have a great real estate agent that led us around on our search. We looked at about 15 houses in one day but were led back to the first one we found. We went back to my parents house and spent the night in prayer that God would decide if this was the right purchase for us. We woke the following morning to find we both had a good feeling about the house. We put in an unbelievable offer that we did not think they would take. God is good, we are now the new owners of a home for our family. We did not think things would go as smoothly but when you put God in charge, he really can surprise you sometimes. We also found an incredible school for the kids next year. It is a small K-8th charter school and is only 2 minutes from our house. Miranda will attend 7th grade upstairs while Aaron will be in 5th downstairs. We have many new changes to look forward to in the coming months and year.
Guess I will work on becoming a better cook. Stop by and enjoy a meal sometime!
We wanted to see the mountains if we were returning to Colorado. The view from all of our bedrooms.

update on the Peasleys

The last month has just flew by. We have been so busy since Tom returned. We had a very blessed Thanksgiving and spent the day with friends. Tom had a few weeks to recover and to catch up on sleep. Miranda and I jumped right into Tech week for the Nutcracker. We had many late night rehearsals and discovered Ramen noodles, the choice food of dancers. We had 9 shows in 4 days, performed in front of 5,200 people and had a great time. The experience of spending so much time with my daughter was priceless and one that I will never forget.