Friday, February 20, 2009

Catching Up!

Wow, guess it has been awhile since I've posted life in the Peasley world. I meant to post this picture of Tom ages ago. Thought you might like to see it.

Life has been filled with BOXES. We had this absolutely, crazy idea that packing and moving ourselves might be worth our time. You know, years ago when we owned very little and everything we owned was made of pressed wood, these thoughts would have been valid. Now, they seem a little on the insane side. We moved our first load of things last weekend to the new house. Other than a small ding in our curio cabinet, everything else seems to have made it. That curio cabinet has been around the world and not a scratch. The owners touch it and we miss judge the height of the moving truck. Better luck next time around. I guess that is what lots of fake greenery hanging on top is for. Other than that, we got about 6000 pounds moved and will move the rest the end of March. I wish I would have taken pictures but I don't think anyone would enjoy the ugliness of packing, loading, unloading and all the scrapes, cuts and bruises in-between. Actually, it hasn't been bad so far. The kids are enjoying life on futons again, reminds them of their baby years. We are constantly looking for this and that only to remember, "oh yeah, we already packed it." Other then the fun of re-locating, we are finishing up basketball, classes and trying to not miss a beat with school. We celebrated Valentines Day at the house and I threw a lunch together for 9 of us. I made casseroles before we left, froze them and took them with us. I felt very much for Martha, if only for a short while. Although, Martha would not have had to return paint twice to get re-tinted because the color was wrong. The kids and I will officially move the end of March and Tom is hoping on joining us the middle of June. He is waiting for his replacement to arrive but there seems to be quite a lot of procrastination on the other end. Quite frustrating as we are anxious to start this next part of our life.