Thursday, May 21, 2009

What have we been up to?

The house is slowly coming together. I have only a few boxes left that just don't interest me enough to actually go through them. We have spent the last two weeks getting estimates on getting our basement finished. We figured we might as well get it finished early on so we can enjoy it during our time here, however long that may be. Tom has been traveling back and forth from Albuquerque and I always have more on his "To Do" list then the time he has to do it. This weekend, we will celebrate the end of the school year with a field trip to Denver. The kids have worked so hard this year and are anxious to see what next year will bring with going to school. We are all a little apprehensive, but we are praying hard for good friends and a great learning environment.

We put our van up for sale as we decided we will need to have a 4 wheel drive to endure the winter storms. I had one such storm in April where the 3 foot drift in the driveway would have kept me home bound had it not been for the Land Cruiser. I love my van but I have to take into account where we now live.

Otherwise, the kids are swimming 3 nights a week and so they are trying very hard to make friends on the team. It proves to be a little difficult to hold conversations when your head is under water. I have caught up with a few people I knew when I lived here and have reconnected with several on Facebook. Both kids are going to a camp for a week in June, so I am sure I will be a little stir crazy with worry and not quite sure what to do with myself. I feel like I am entering a whole new stage in life, and it is totally unknown to me. We are learning the town and love the small town atmosphere. I am traveling to Albuquerque next weekend to attend a retirement, celebrate our anniversary for the first time in 3 years, and go to Tom's going away dinner. He will have about a week and a half left in Albuquerque before he finally joins us for good. We are all very anxious to be a family again.

Just a little....AWESOME!!!

So, sometimes we wish we could be a kid again. Miranda and Aaron had an amazing opportunity last week to swim at the Olympic Training Center pool. It is a beautiful pool and has lots of extra perks that most pools do not. There are cameras mounted from all angles and tow ropes that work as resistance. There were no sightings of Michael Phelps but the kids had the "he peed in this very pool" rumor going around quite rampantly. Both Miranda and Aaron enjoyed the opportunity and I had to stand and just watch. Seeing their smiles definitely made it all worth while though! Miranda is in the pink suit and blue cap, Aaron is easy to find.