Friday, July 31, 2009

Sushi Tales

We found a great market in Denver that has all the makings for sushi. Now that
Aaron can put away a lot of sushi, we have to find other ways to quench his cravings. We made over 100 pieces of sushi one night. The market sold blocks of tamago (Miranda's favorite) and already fileted ebi. The kids had so much fun and this way saves about $100 on a sushi meal.

Visiting with Dear Friends

Our dear friends, The Boerwinkles, visited the middle of June. Miranda and Aaron have missed Anna and Carl so much and had a great time catching up with them. We went to Garden of the Gods for the day and hiked around a bit. Ice cream at the Old Colorado City creamery was a hit after our day of sightseeing. We are always up for visitors and as soon as our major home renovation is complete, visitors will have their own space to enjoy.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A summer of Swimming

The other part of our summer has been spent in the pool. The kids are both swimming on Falfin swim team this year and have really embraced their love of swimming. They have both improved so much and will be moved up to the next level group next month. They have both decided they want to swim year round so I am thinking this will be their "one" activity to commit to for the school year. Miranda is definitely a backstroker and Aaron is quite fast at freestyle. I love that they both are in the same sport as it makes "game" day pretty easy.

Rainy Fireworks

The 4th of July brought none other than, more rain. Monument has a fun little downtown and they host the best small town celebration ever. The parade had several of those small Shriners cars and clowns. The downtown area had venders with lots of fun things to eat and gifts to buy. We came back to the house and had a barbecue in the pouring rain. Fireworks were difficult as we were able to get in about 3-4 sparklers between downpours. The kids had an enjoyable time regardless and the day was filled with home-made ice cream and barbecue.

Snow in July

We have had the chance to travel a little this summer. No major trips (other than moving of course) but we decided going up to Estes Park would be a good break. The beetle kill of the trees brought tears to my eyes. I know it is natures natural process but trees are some of my favorite things and seeing them die is heart-breaking. Once we reached the top of Rocky Mountain National park, the views changed. There is still snow the end of July. The kids had a blast with a snowball fight in July. We saw lots of elk hanging out on the side of the mountain. They are amazing creatures and just looked like they were on top of the world, literally.

Where has summer gone? The temperatures here in Colorado have been so odd and have not lended many days of sunshine. The temps this week are in the mid40-50's this week.

The kids attended camp early June. Miranda learned survival skills at Girl Scout camp. She stayed in primitive cabins for the week but made some great friends and learned a lot about herself. Aaron's experience was not quite as positive. He was chosen to attend Operation Purple, a camp for kids that their dads have been deployed this past year. He was not sure about a whole week away but embraced the idea of a new experience. Unfortunately, he came down with strep mid week and was miserable until we picked him up on Friday. We headed directly to urgent care where they informed us he was quite ill and needed antibiotics immediately. So, Aaron is not sure the camp experience is quite worth it.

The last week of June was spent at golf camp at the Academy. They learned impressive golf skills and loved the idea of whacking a ball on the driving range!