Sunday, December 19, 2010

Boy with many Hats!

Evan has a big role to fill in our family.  He came along so late after Miranda and Aaron, that they have high expectations of him.  One of those expectations is that he should wear anything they want to put on him.  He is like a dress up doll to him and we often find him wearing all sorts of things.  Miranda especially enjoys this opportunity.  Today, she found several different "head" accessories to try on him.  The funny thing is, I can try to put a hat on him to take him out in the cold and he howls with disapproval, Miranda can put just about anything on him, and he laughs and loves it.  Must be the adoration of his older sister!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Evan taking up exercising.

Evan loves rolling on those huge exercise balls. 

More football

 We could not have asked for a better fall this year.  Compared to last year when the first snow fell on 25 Sept, we have been "snow free" all through October. 
 Another early morning. 
 Homework anywhere.
I think Aaron thought the best part of flag football was being able to wear a mouth-guard.  We had a heck of a time getting him to take it out of his mouth and a harder time understanding him when he had it in.  His team ended the season in 1st place.  Love the I-9 league!!

Halloween 2010

A witch, a lion and Charlie Brown.  Evan didn't know what to make of Aaron with his ghost costume on.

This one cracked me up.  Evan just stared at Aaron, not sure who he was.

and then there is Evan

poor kid...sleep seems to be found in short increments for him.  We have started calling him a "cat napper" but I am afraid a cat sleeps longer then he does.  Fortunately, he is usually pretty happy and can smile and laugh even with complete exhaustion.  He never quite knows where he will wake up at.  All in all, he has been such a blessing to our life.  He adores Miranda and Aaron and I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual.  Except of course, when he wakes at 2am and decides he wants the company of everyone else in the household!!

Where have we been?

I feel like we have disappeared the last few months.  Between running back and forth to lacrosse and football 3 days a week for Aaron, swimming 4 nights a week for Miranda, work for both Tom and I and keeping Evan happy, we have sort of disappeared into the depths of "life."  Evan turned 6 months old last week.  I can't believe he is 6 months old already.  Think we could convince him he is ready to sleep through the night?

Aaron has had a great time playing lacrosse and flag football this fall.  He wanted to take a break from swimming to see if anything else was of interest to him.  He has loved the beginner lacrosse league we found and has just started in a competitive league.

Miranda is still swimming and competed for the first time in 6 months in a new age category.  She held her own and found that the 200 free might just be her event. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

hanging out

Evan loves his big brother and sister.  His face lights up when he hears their voice and even more so if he can steal some attention from them.  I love watching the kids just "hang out" sometimes and can only wonder how awesome that will be as they watch Evan grow.

Great Grandmas

Evan got to spend some special time with Great Grandma Adachi during our trip to Florida.  She sang him Japanese lullabies and had a fun time talking with him.  I'm sure years down the road, the memories that this trip will provide will be memories of a lifetime, at least for me.

Birthday wishes

I happened to be in Florida staying with Tom's grandmother this year on the 11th.  Mitzie always does her best to make things special, even when she is away.  Who knew that you could cook lobsters ahead of time, then refrigerate and warming in the microwave would be just as good as cooked fresh.  Of course, eating Lobster with Evan on my lap is always fun.  He loved grabbing claws and anything else he could reach.  Of course, eating a fabulous lobster dinner with champagne is never complete without a pacifier and a bottle close by!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A weekend in the mountains

Several years ago, the kids and I attended a conference with Tom in Keystone.  We fell in love with the mountains during the summer months and now try to make a yearly trip for a weekend to enjoy the mountains during the summer.  We stayed at a condo right on Keystone lake this past weekend.  My mom stayed with us and watched Evan while we enjoyed some time with the older two.  We enjoyed paddle boating, the alpine slides and quiet walks around the lake.

Tiny fingers and Toes

I think it is amazing how little fingers and toes grow.  Sometimes we take for granted how God forms these little parts of our bodies to work.  They start out so little and grow into strong parts of our bodies.  The fingers that start out so small can grow into fingers that play beautiful music, hold a paintbrush to create beautiful works of art, speak a language or just explore different parts of our world.  Whenever one of us place a finger into Evan's palm, he instinctively grips his finger around ours and the same with his toes, regardless if he is asleep or awake.  Just another example of God's handiwork.

Evan is growing

        I think Evan will probably start doing things quicker just to keep up with his older brother and sister.  I would not be opposed to him taking his time in walking.  As active as his little legs are, I'm afraid he is going to be one busy little boy when he starts to move.  He has started pushing up and even though he doesn't like to spend time on his tummy, I think he will probably realize that this step leads to the next, MOBILITY!!

First day of school

There are days I think I really must be crazy, I have two middle schoolers this year and a newborn.  Miranda is in 8th grade and Aaron entered the ranks of middle school as a 6th grader this year.  I am so fortunate they are in the same school making carpool and all things school that much easier.  God knew I needed as much easy as possible this year.

Friday, August 6, 2010

If you've never seen....

The US Air Force Academy Chapel
Inside the chapel.  I walked this aisle almost 20 years ago to marry the love of my life.