Monday, January 11, 2010

Another reminder of God's...sense of Humor

By now most of our friends and family know the Peasley's are adding a new baby boy to our family sometime in April. We never want to get too comfortable in our everyday lives. God has great things in store for all of us, and if we get too comfortable, we might just miss the opportunity to be part of his plan. At least that is the story we are sticking with. Pregnancy this time around has brought about big changes. You realize what is truly important since you have already been there, done that. Who says a baby can't sleep in a drawer? Eating everything in sight during those 9 months may not be the best idea for after. Knowing the word "knocked up" does not apply to those over 30! At least that is what the doctor told me.

It is good to learn new things later in life and we are so excited to experience a new baby with our older two children. Of course, we didn't realize they would have so much input in picking a new name or watching Aaron test drive strollers at Babies R Us can be too much to handle in one day!! All in all, this new adventure will prove just as much fun as all the previous ones God has handed us and with his help (and a whole lot of patience) anything is possible.

You can't beat the views

We woke up one morning to find Pikes Peak looking like Mt. Everest. You could see the snow blowing on top. It was truly a beautiful sight and a reminder of God's great creation.

sledding Adventures

So, sledding opportunities came early this year...September to be exact. The kids had already had their first snow day by October 1st. Our sleds didn't get much use during the time we were in New Mexico, I think we took them down to the sand dunes once!! We broke them out and took them to the nearest hill we could find. We added a few neighbor friends to the pack, a little hot chocolate and our day was complete. I think the kids wore more snow than they actually sledded on!


I remember growing up that we often trick or treated with coats covering our costumes. This year was no exception. Miranda and Aaron combed our neighborhood and came home with more then enough candy. Tom has been taking it to school for months. He is a favorite instructor to say the least. Miranda was suppose to have a dance at school the night before Halloween but because of snow, it had to be rescheduled. Miranda dressed up as an Orea cookie this year and Aaron was a giant glow stick. I think we used about 40 glow sticks on him. Safety always comes first!!