Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fathers and Daughters

Tom and Miranda attended a father/daughter formal dance last Friday night. Miranda was so excited to get all dressed up and enjoy a night out with her dad. I can't believe she convinced Tom to get out on the dance floor. They danced the night away and returned home around midnight. I am sure it is a memory Miranda will keep forever.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby Boy Peasley

I think this baby may just be named "Baby Boy" We are having a difficult time as a family coming up with a name. It is funny to listen to the input the kids have on names. "No, I don't like that kid at school or he is always in trouble, we don't want that name." So Baby Boy it may just stay!!

I had a 30 week ultrasound yesterday. Usually this little guy is busy all the time. He chose yesterday to take a nap and not wake for anything. The tech did everything she could to get him to wake up so she could take some pictures. Finally, he moved just enough to see bits of his face. The technology we now have is absolutely amazing to me. Being able to see his chubby cheeks and nose that looks like Aaron's is just breath-taking. Aaron was glad to see the baby is looking more like a baby and not an alien. He thought he was quite ugly after the 19 week ultrasound.

Of course, none of our children can figure out their heads are more important to come out first then their butts. So, once again, I have a breech presenting baby!! I think "moonie" might be appropriate.

loving all my babies

I love all my babies...all 3 of them!! Aaron came down the other morning and we had this conversation:
Aaron: Mom, you are not getting fat at all...just round.
Me: Really Aaron?
Aaron: Yep, people who are fat are fat all over. You are just round in front.
Me: Are you sure I'm not fat.
Aaron: Nope mom, you just look like a basketball.
He then proceeds to go to the garage, get a basketball and bring it in to prove his point.
Aaron: Look mom, I'm not sure you are even as big and round as my basketball.

I Love my boy, He knows just how to make sure I have a glorious day. Oh, and the donuts in the background are NOT mine!!!

my little architects

Aaron and Miranda received a new Erector set from one of the cadets we sponsor. They have spent 2 weeks working on this creation. Isn't it amazing how we can get our children to work so diligently on a project such as this, but doing homework is so very boring.