Sunday, May 23, 2010

Civil War Days

Aaron has been studying American History this year, the typical history curriculum for most 5th graders. Last week, they ended the year with a re-inactment of the civil war battle. What a hoot!!! The kids rented civil war era costumes and participated in a battle. The lined the confederates up on one side of the field and the Yankees on the other. They had cannons on each side the shot a few rounds at each other and then a "General" yelled go. The kids shot across the field and battled it out. Even the southern bells wearing dresses with hoops had their guns and sabers and caught some action. The wounded writhed in pain on the field as a few generous medics (teachers dressed up with red cross aprons and ketchup smeared all over themselves) tended to the injured. Of course, several of the casualties were just shoes lost in the mud or torn dresses.

End of school year celebrations

I'm not sure who is happier that school is out, me or the kids. This year was the first year Miranda and Aaron have attended a school after years of homeschooling. They both conquered the year with higher results then I ever thought they would. Both Miranda and Aaron won the highest award, the Lynx award for their grades. Aaron won 7 other awards as well and Miranda won 3 other awards. Miranda was inducted into the NJHS and both kids received straight A's for the entire year. I'm trying to teach both of then humility, but as their mom, I feel I can cheer a little bit out loud for them.

Unfortunately, I forgot about Aaron's award ceremony so only have pictures of Miranda's. We are so proud of both of them.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Easter Eggs

Aaron and Miranda each received hand painted chocolate eggs for Easter. Although Miranda has decided her egg is a work of art and has decided to keep hers, Aaron says chocolate was made for eating, no matter how pretty it is.

Perfect Mother's Day

My Mother's Day started with breakfast in bed made by my two older ones. Fresh berries, yogurt, toast and a protein shake. My children are so cautious about my diet right now and are helping me keep on track with "weight loss/milk making" foods. Evan did his part by actually sleeping in and making it possible for the older two to surprise me. Teamwork already! The new video camera was a perfect gift and gives me no excuse for not documenting all the moments in our lives.

We decided to enjoy a warm day for a change and went to a local park to toss a frisbee around for a few hours. My parents came out in the afternoon and Tom made a wonderful lunch that we were able to enjoy without having to go out. My favorite part of the day was seeing grandpa and Evan snoozing on the couch together.

Diaper lessons

You would think changing diapers would be something that would be at the bottom of the list for a big brother. Aaron has embraced all things Evan. Not that I always have a volunteer for this task, but every now and then is a real bonus.

7 pounds

How can 7 pounds of a precious baby change your life so much? Evan has captured all of our hearts and is a perfect addition to our family. Spoiling him seems to be something we may have a hard time avoiding. There is constant bargaining on who pushes the stroller, who gets to hold him, and even changing diapers going on. I am sure the newness will eventually wear off but I think the love for Evan will stay forever!!