Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Evan Wakes up

So, after sleeping through most of the "fun" times, Evan found his most enjoyment in the hotel room. Little Man wakes up usually around 4am and on most mornings, decides if he is up, everyone else is too!!

Evans adventures the last few weeks

Evan traveled over 3000 miles these last few weeks. He experienced a two hour time change and hit the beach for the first time at just under 7 weeks old. He got his first taste of amusement parks and even rode the monorail and a boat ride. What did he think of all this? Who knows, he slept through almost all of it!!

just over Disney

I'm sorry and hope I don't offend anyone....but I am just over Disney. We spent 4 days at Disney in hopes of some fun times during our trip to Florida. I am pretty sure Walt would roll over in his grave if he saw how much his dream had changed. Disney was mean't for all children to enjoy at least once. The soaring cost have made it almost impossible for most people to take a family to the "happiest place on earth." I guarantee, I did not see any happy dads when they were paying $15 for a hamburger and fries. On top of that, I have decided the Disney characters are just plain lazy nowdays. They no longer roam the park, making some miserable child smile. You now stand in line at designated locations for up to an hour to get a 30 second time slot with a character. No matter how much I wanted a picture with Evan and Mickey, it wasn't worth the 60 minute wait to see the mouse for a few seconds. So, the children they are suppose to make smile and laugh, are crying and screaming because they have waited so long. So, after all this, we still had a good time and think the American Express bill will most likely need extra postage due to the weight of the bill

Florida vacation

The day after Memorial weekend, we packed the van full of air mattresses, pillows and suitcases and headed for Florida for 3 weeks. We were sad to see our tenants that have rented from us for the last 4 years move on to Ohio, but it gave us a chance to enjoy our house for a week and get some beach time in. Of course, beach time was very limited due to the recent oil spill in the gulf. Our hearts truly go out to all the fishermen, business owners and residents of the gulf states affected by this terrible tragedy. We did go out to the beach on our first day arriving in Navarre. Evan loved the sound of the ocean even though he didn't get a ray of sunshine. We enjoyed our share of seafood during our stay and was able to see some old friends we haven't seen in years. We spent 4 days at our house in the panhandle and then drove over to see Tom's aunt and grandmother. Mitzie once again spoiled us with her succulent food and both she and obachan enjoyed seeing Miranda, Aaron and Evan. Obachan has 3 great grandchildren who absolutely adore her. After two days with family, we drove down to Orlando for 4 days. Disney with a newborn is a little challenging, but Miranda and Aaron were very patient and enjoyed just spending time doing a few things at the parks. Of course, the day at the waterpark with dad was a hit. Mom stayed behind with the baby and did laundry and all those things moms due while on vacation.

Visitors from Brazil

We had the greatest surprise the last week of May. We hosted an exchange student from Brazil 18 years ago while living in Oklahoma. Marcelo came to stay with us for a whole year and brought so many fun times during that year. We have stayed in touch over the years and he surprised us by coming to stay with us for a week with his lovely wife, Anna. Aaron finally found the BIG brother he never had. He and Marcelo had a blast playing WII and we had a fun week helping Marcelo and Anna shop for hopefully, a baby in their near future.I've never seen so many suitcases filled with so much stuff!!!