Monday, July 12, 2010

A little too much multi-tasking

For those of you that know me best, you know I can muli-task with the best of them. I think most moms are just this way, but I have decided there might be a limit to my ability to multi-task certain things at the same time. Tom will often walk into the bathroom and find me blow drying my hair, brushing my teeth and pumping breastmilk at the same time. But, I have found being hooked up to a pump and blow drying your hair at the same time may not be the best combination. Can breastmilk be electrified?? Sorry, no pictures on this one, LOL!!!

Grandma and Evan

My mom came and spent the weekend with us a few weeks ago while my dad was out of town. It is really fun being so much closer to my parents and watching them enjoy my kids. Miranda and Aaron go and spend the night every now and then and even though Evan is still too little to spend the night with grandma and grandpa, grandma decided she would come spend the night with him!!

My Blessings!!!

Fourth of July

The stash!!!

We have decided the 4th of July in Colorado just wouldn't be complete without a little rain. For two years in a row, it has poured on the 4th making it necessary to enjoy fireworks a day before or after the actual holiday. This year we hosted a barbecue with our neighbors and had quite a crowd for the event. Our friends, Christena and Shane came up from "glorious" New Mexico (that is for you, Christena)to spend the weekend with us. Our cadets came in to spend the day and we celebrated our countries independence with fun, food and rain!!

Renaissance Experience

The town of Larkspur Colorado hosts the annual Renaissance Festival each year for 8 weeks during the summer. Myself, Miranda, my mom, sister, her fiance and my niece had a fun Saturday afternoon exploring the life of those that lived years ago. I won't say it was not a little strange at times, but seeing people dressed up in costume and just having fun was worth a little strange!!

Fun Times

The last two months have been a whirlwind of activity. Evan brought into this world a whole new appreciation for sleeping, traveling, etc. Our trip to Florida for 3 weeks brought tears as to what man can do to the environment when we value money over taking care of our surroundings, and summer in Colorado has brought about the joy of a crisp morning walk in the middle of July. It is nice to sometimes just take a few moments to enjoy the small things in life and realize how blessed we are each and everyday. We are especially blessed by so many friends in our lives. Our mailbox continues to bring surprises of new outfits and toys for Evan and the well wishes of so many friends that we haven't seen for years. We love all of you and know that God brought each of you into our lives for a reason. We keep our Christmas card pictures up year round in the Peasley house to remind us of how special all of you are to us!!!