Monday, August 23, 2010

A weekend in the mountains

Several years ago, the kids and I attended a conference with Tom in Keystone.  We fell in love with the mountains during the summer months and now try to make a yearly trip for a weekend to enjoy the mountains during the summer.  We stayed at a condo right on Keystone lake this past weekend.  My mom stayed with us and watched Evan while we enjoyed some time with the older two.  We enjoyed paddle boating, the alpine slides and quiet walks around the lake.

Tiny fingers and Toes

I think it is amazing how little fingers and toes grow.  Sometimes we take for granted how God forms these little parts of our bodies to work.  They start out so little and grow into strong parts of our bodies.  The fingers that start out so small can grow into fingers that play beautiful music, hold a paintbrush to create beautiful works of art, speak a language or just explore different parts of our world.  Whenever one of us place a finger into Evan's palm, he instinctively grips his finger around ours and the same with his toes, regardless if he is asleep or awake.  Just another example of God's handiwork.

Evan is growing

        I think Evan will probably start doing things quicker just to keep up with his older brother and sister.  I would not be opposed to him taking his time in walking.  As active as his little legs are, I'm afraid he is going to be one busy little boy when he starts to move.  He has started pushing up and even though he doesn't like to spend time on his tummy, I think he will probably realize that this step leads to the next, MOBILITY!!

First day of school

There are days I think I really must be crazy, I have two middle schoolers this year and a newborn.  Miranda is in 8th grade and Aaron entered the ranks of middle school as a 6th grader this year.  I am so fortunate they are in the same school making carpool and all things school that much easier.  God knew I needed as much easy as possible this year.

Friday, August 6, 2010

If you've never seen....

The US Air Force Academy Chapel
Inside the chapel.  I walked this aisle almost 20 years ago to marry the love of my life.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Evan is almost 3 months old

Evan has discovered many things.  He smiles and laughs out loud now and can reach for toys while lying on his back under his play mobile.  He also has discovered that he gets quite a lot of attention if he shrieks.  This is not our favorite sound in the house so are trying our best to break him of it early on.  He is so much fun though and is changing daily.

International visitors

We've had an "international summer."  We had friends from Brazil visit in May and in July, we hosted a boy and a girl, both 15, from Japan for a week.  My Japanese was quite rusty and with Tom gone the first few days on TDY, it made conversation quite difficult.  By the end of the week, everyone communicated in one way or another and we made time to take some fun photos to end our visit.  Rei and Kotoro will remember our family in an odd kind of way!!

Sisters really Rock!

My Sister is the Best.  She is so patient with me and loves making me do things that I really don't want to, like spending time on my belly.  Yes, every now and then, I let her know that I don't always have to do what she tells me to.  For the most part though, I already adore her and anytime she walks into a room, my    face lights up with a smile.  She is my one and only sister!!

Too much fun in the Summer

This summer has been an interesting one with adding Evan to our family.  My beautiful, wonderful children fulfill me in such a way I never knew possible.  Miranda and Aaron have been absolutely amazing with Evan and it fills my heart whenever I see them with him.  The three of them are God's amazing gifts to us and we thank him every day for the blessings he has given to us.

Miranda, Evan and Aaron
Miranda-age 13
Aaron-age 10

Miranda turns 13

Lucky us, we have a 13 year old and a 13 week old all in the same week. It is going to be an interesting year!!!

Miranda turned 13 this week. Molly Thomas and her mom and sister came up from Albuquerque to help us celebrate this most important day. Miranda and Molly had so much fun catching up with each other. We enjoyed a picnic lunch at the park and then later in the afternoon, we toured the Academy and then went to a tea house to have gelato and tea. It was the cutest place and Miranda and I can't wait to share many more mother/daughter dates there. We ended the day with a few friends and of course, cake and ice cream and sparkler candles that never went out!!!