Thursday, September 23, 2010

hanging out

Evan loves his big brother and sister.  His face lights up when he hears their voice and even more so if he can steal some attention from them.  I love watching the kids just "hang out" sometimes and can only wonder how awesome that will be as they watch Evan grow.

Great Grandmas

Evan got to spend some special time with Great Grandma Adachi during our trip to Florida.  She sang him Japanese lullabies and had a fun time talking with him.  I'm sure years down the road, the memories that this trip will provide will be memories of a lifetime, at least for me.

Birthday wishes

I happened to be in Florida staying with Tom's grandmother this year on the 11th.  Mitzie always does her best to make things special, even when she is away.  Who knew that you could cook lobsters ahead of time, then refrigerate and warming in the microwave would be just as good as cooked fresh.  Of course, eating Lobster with Evan on my lap is always fun.  He loved grabbing claws and anything else he could reach.  Of course, eating a fabulous lobster dinner with champagne is never complete without a pacifier and a bottle close by!