Sunday, October 30, 2011

A trip to the zoo

To everyone that has ever worried about Aaron making friends, never fear, he has plenty.  Our local Gulf Breeze zoo is a hit with our family.  The kids attended zoo school there years ago and although it has lost some of its appeal, the new exhibits were sure fun to check out.  The giraffes are still just as hungry as ever, the petting zoo has some pushy baby goats.  Evan got tired of them taking all the food in his cup.  He started pushing them away but they kept coming back for more.  The bird cage was a "hoot."  There must have been a couple hundred parakeets that would land all over you, begging for food.  Aaron seemed to attract the birds fairly easily,  hmmmm....wonder if he had some peanut butter in his pocket or something.  Evan got tired of the birds as well and decided he would make a game of it to start trying to step on them.  Evan is a zoo animals worst nightmare!!

Sometimes you just have to live a little

I can't believe I forgot to post my Birthday celebration.  I turned the drat 40 in Sept. Many memories were shared from 10 years ago and that terrible day of 9/11.   If you have to get older, might as well do it in style.  I know it added pounds as well as years, but you know....sometimes it is worth it. 

Enjoying the Remnants of retirement in Florida

Well, we are down to just a few days left here in Florida.  Not enough beach time as usual.  This move is very different for us.  Our belongings are usually packed into a truck or a wooden box.  This time we were packed directly into a C-Vault.  The types you see that go directly on a cargo ship.  We had the entire vault reserved for our stuff.  We only took up not quite half of it.  Plenty of room left for the return and lots of SHOPPING!!! 

So, we are cleaning the house, air shipment is going out tomorrow and tenants move in on November 1st.  We have been so blessed with tenants for this house in the past.  We have faith that God is good and will continue his blessings to us.

Thank you for all the phone calls checking on our sanity the last few days and months.  I can definitely appreciate the military and the support they give when moving overseas.  Doing it on your own is a very different story, although Tom's company has provided everything we need and more.  We have several people assigned to help us with every step of the move and they will continue to do so after we arrive in Japan.  We are anxious to choose a school for the kids and find a house/apt that will accommodate our family.  We'll keep updating hopefully weekly to keep you all up to date on our new whereabouts.  Never can tell with us!!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Ever feel like your life has been taken over by an unforeseen intruder?  That intruder for me has become the "checklist."  I have him everywhere.  I could wallpaper a wall with him.  I have more checklists then you can imagine at the moment.  I've got the "pre-move" checklist, the "in-transit" checklist, the "post-relocation" checklists and checklists that don't even have categories. 

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am actually a "check-list" kind of person.  It helps me keep my sanity, but when the checklist takes over and I start thinking the "let's just go with it" method would work better, you know that I am losing that sanity.  But, whether I like it or not, I am going to have to live with the "check-list" for several more months just to make it through this new adventure we are starting.

Just in case I've been terrible at updates, here is what is going on in the Peasley's world.  Tom started terminal leave with the AF mid August in anticipation of a 1 Dec retirement date.  We packed up our household and moved back to Florida to our rental house we have owned for several years.  We were all excited to return to the warmth of Florida and enjoy some family time and beach bum days while Tom searched for a new job.  We have truly been blessed by God that search was short.  Tom started interviewing with a company before we left Colorado and 5 interviews later, he was offered a job in Tokyo.

We are excited about the prospect of returning to Japan, although a little overwhelmed by the complexity of moving as civilians.  Tom's company has provided so much support and help, we have vendors contacting us for relocating from Hong Kong, London, DC and a handful of other locations. 

So, as we wait for final paperwork to be approved, we spend most of our "beach" time looking for a house in Tokyo (BTW, the most expensive city in the world is Tokyo), looking at International Schools for the kids, learning as much Japanese as quickly as possible, selling off furniture, renting out our current house and still trying to enjoy our time in Florida before we leave. 

In the midst of all this chaos, we have truly been able to reconnect as a family and learn a lot about how we function as a unit.  With 5 people home all day, every day, we have learned patience, patience and a little more patience.  We have had deep conversations about life, our dreams, created new goals and failed some of those goals already.  We have mainly discovered how God has shown himself to us in every step of this process.  He has made everything fall into place so far and we have all the faith in him that he will continue to do so. 

So, my goal is to keep this blog updated a little better then I have in the past and keep you all updated on our progress and adventures as we move a family of 5 to Japan.  Please ignore my moments of ranting or rambling as I try to keep our life in order.  Hope you are able to join in on our upcoming adventure.  Never a dull moment with the Peasleys!!!