Sunday, January 30, 2011

Park Days

I definitely did not think we would ever frequent parks again at the age that Miranda and Aaron are at.  We had so much fun at the park watching Evan take his first swing ride and going down the slides with his brother and sister.  Our "bonus baby" has been such an eye opening experience and gives us a chance everyday to witness the miracle of a new baby.  The kids are already planning our next "park day" and what they can do with Evan next time. 

Hammond's Candy Factory

Last Monday, we toured Hammond's Candy Factory in Denver.  They make the giant lollipops that are sold at specialty stores across the world as well as taffy and other types of hard candy.  The kids had a great time seeing how candy is made and of course, sampling all the different flavors.  I think we discovered that clove flavored candy is not a favorite of the Peasley family.

Let me add a little slobber to that....

A friend of ours gave us some building blocks for Evan.  Of course, no toy for Evan is going to be appropriate until it has been tested by his older brother and sister.  It was so funny to see Evan pick up a plastic building piece, slobber all over it and then hand it to Miranda and Aaron to build with.  It was definitely a different way to watch play time between the three of them take place.

Monday, January 3, 2011


 I don't know who was more excited about Evan's new bath toys.  Aaron loves giving his little brother a bath but has complained there needs to be some fun involved.  Hope these help.
 Miranda and Aaron love watching Japanese movies.  We found this collection of 12 movies in Japanese that should keep them busy for awhile.

Our family on Christmas eve.

Because I can

Enough said.

Christmas at the Peasleys

How blessed we are.  God gave us a most precious gift this last year, a third child to complete our family.  My favorite part of Christmas this year was watching all my babies together.  The kids had so much fun with Evan and he in turn with them.  Watching the three of them together the last few weeks reminded me of how amazing God is.  He sent a little baby to this earth to bring joy to all people.  The love of God is very apparent in our family and we pray you felt that same love this holiday season.  Here is a picture of the blessings we received this year!

License to Drive

Evan now has a license to drive.  It helps that his little push car doesn't go very fast.  He has an older brother that would push him as fast as he possibly could if he did not have a mom who is constantly saying "be careful."  Evan doesn't mind, he has already taken a few tumbles with the bruise on his little forehead to show for it.  Besides, as long as his big brother is by his side, how dangerous could it be!!