Monday, March 7, 2011

Slowest Train on Earth!!!

After living in Japan for several years, we see trains as a form of  "quick" transportation.  Unfortunately, that is not how trains are used in the states.  We decided we would take advantage of a scenic train ride that traveled into the mountains of southern Colorado.  What we did not know was this train would take 7 hours to travel 60 miles to and from its destination.  Little to say, we enjoyed a couple naps, and plenty of lounge time last Saturday afternoon.  Yawn!!

Ramen Baby

Evan has started eating more food and with that comes trying all sorts of new things.  We eat a lot of ethnic food in our household.  I think Miranda and Aaron knew how to use chopsticks fairly early on, so we thought Evan should have the same opportunity.  He may not be able to handle the chopsticks on his own yet, but he definitely enjoyed the food being served to him.