Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wounded Warrior concert

We were very privileged to land tickets to the Wounded Warrior games at the Academy last week.  The event ended with an awards ceremony at Clune arena with Colbie Calie playing.  I now know what it feels like to be in an arena surrounded by heroes.  The participants in these games are all heroes in our book.  Not only have they overcome disabling war wounds but they go on to compete for their perspective service in athletic competition.  I believe there were probably more prosthetic and wheelchairs in this one place then I have ever seen.  One specific winner was a handicapped soldier whose chain broke on his bicycle 2 km before the finish line of his race.  He pulled himself along by his knuckles to finish the race.  Perseverance is defined by watching these athletes.  Thank you God for the heroes you place in our midst to teach us lessons about life.

Little Frankenstein

We love when babies start walking.  They look like little Frankensteins as they place their feet and try to gain their balance.  Evan is an exception.  We have called him "lazy boy" for a couple weeks because with 4 other "walking" humans in the house to carry him, why would he bother to walk.  Now, he sort of runs instead of walks.  His little feet move so fast and get ahead of him, he often topples over frontwards trying to catch up with himself.  I think this will be our kiddo who always does things just a little different.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

GeneaEalogy Project

Aaron's genealogy project.  He (we) worked on it from January-April.  What did he learn?  How much a project that takes 3 months frustrates mom to no end. 

Aaron earned an A on this project and was so excited, he immediately threw it in the garbage as celebration. 

Best job ever

I have been so very blessed to have the best job ever.  How I ever found this job, only God knows, truly, he can be the only explanation for this opportunity landing in my lap.  I love what I do and have a passion to make sure I can do the job to the best of my ability.  Of course, my boss is amazing.  I found these beauties delivered to my doorstep last week for "Administrative Professionals Day."  Didn't know the day even existed but I'm sure glad it does!!

May in Colorado

I don't think we even need words to describe....
I know we need it, but really?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Boys

Aaron and Evan have a great time together.  Aaron loves pushing Evan around on his little push cart.  Sometimes we have to remind him that 0-30 in the house is a little too fast.  Evan never seems to mind, he trusts his brother and sister no matter. 

Easter 2011

Our Blessings

Evan is 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, had mom tried to put this hat on me, it would be a whole different look on my face.

It is so much fun to see Evan with Miranda and Aaron.  I think they were more excited about his Birthday then he was. 

Evan's first taste of cake.  This is "pre-disaster" mode. 

The Peasley Kids

Ready to go home

Evan was so sick on the cruise, by the end of the three days, we were all ready to go home.  I think Evan would have been happy to ride in the suitcase if he was allowed to.

The Disney Dream in the background.


The weather was absolutely splendid during our vacation.  The Atlantis resort is definitely something to behold.  We took a taxi over to the resort and contrary to what we were told, you are not allowed to wander around unless you pay.  The aquarium was fun to walk through and the water park on the grounds would have been a blast.  Maybe next time.

The white sandy beaches and beautiful blue/green water reminded us of the beaches close to our house in Florida.  We are anxious to spend time on them again.

Spring Break 2011

My company took our entire family on a 3 day cruise for spring break.  We started the flight out to Florida with three kids throwing up with a virus they caught the day before we left.  By the time we boarded the ship, two out of the three were feeling  better. 

Evan thought the artificial grass on the top deck was wild.  Little guy was pretty sick the entire cruise.  I can definitely give pointers on how to do multiple loads of laundry on a cruise ship.

We docked in the Bahamas for a day and the kids and I took a shore excursion to Atlantis while Evan and Tom stayed on the ship.

Father/Daughter Time

Tom and Miranda shared a special evening between the two of them.  Tom took Miranda to the Sunbird restaurant, overlooking Colorado Springs and coincidentally the place we had our rehearsal dinner 20 years ago.  They had a nice dinner together and Tom presented Miranda with a purity ring.  Their relationship is difficult at times because they are so much alike, but I think Miranda will cherish this special time forever.