Sunday, July 31, 2011

Time to say Good-Bye to Hawaii

After 9 days of beautiful weather, Lots of laughter, Sun and Fun, it is time to go home. 

Last Day of Fun on the Beach

Paddle Surfing

Friends that last a Life Time

 We were able to enjoy dinner with Phil and Geri Yasuhara on one of our last nights in Hawaii.  They both look amazing and we are so glad Geri is recovering from a recent illness that kept her hospitalized for almost 3 weeks.  They have both been amazing mentors to Tom and I and we cherish every opportunity we get to see them.

Picture taken in front of Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Kura-Kura Sushi

We discovered a Kura-Kura Sushi bar in a mall on the west side of the island.  Kura-Kura is a sushi bar that operates on a rotatory belt.  The sushi is placed on small plates of varying prices and you pick up the plate of your choice.  We were able to stack about 25 plates between the 5 of us.  This is one of Aaron's favorite memories of Japan and he was so excited to relive the experience.  It did not disappoint.

Stunning Sunsets

Matsumoto's and North Shore

No trip to North Shore is complete without a trip to a shaved ice shack...Matsumoto's is one of the best.  The tropical treat is one not meant to be shared.  Each person deserves their own large cone of shaved ice on a hot summers day.

 North Shore was relatively quiet this time of year.  The waves were flat and less intense then the ones we found on the windward side.  The kids found a nice area of volcanic rock that houses many tide pools with all types of marine life. 

Day 6 is a day of Rest

 We discovered a Cost-Co near our hotel.  Of course, the Peasley family will never pass up a chance to go to a Cost-Co.  We were rewarded with excellent sushi, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, a liter of mai tai's and a case of local brewed. 

 Aaron enjoying a cold coconut.  Thankfully, he finally gave up the argument this needed to return home in his suitcase.  He has been on a coconut search ever since.
 The view from our room.  That is the new Trump Hotel in direct view. 

Not one of our happiest moments and it wasn't even time to leave yet.

Sand covered

Bellows beach, Day 5

 I don't know if we could ever get tired of the beach.  We were not sure how Evan would do w/the salt water and sand, but Evan was born to live near the water.  He loved the water and would immediately make a beeline for it every time he saw the water. 

Tom and the kids have always loved body boarding.  We owned several during our days in Florida.  We found a relatively inexpensive one at Cost-Co and they three of them immediately took up the sport again.  Of course, it was short lived.  Within about 20 minutes of them in the water, the life guards cleared the beach due to sightings of "large sharks" not too far out in the water.  I now know why you only visit beaches that have life guards on duty.  Our day was cut short but we enjoyed the time we had there.

Ziplining in Kaneohe

The kids had a blast ziplining in Kaneohe.

Nu'uanu Pali Lookout-one of the windiest places in Oahu

We haven't experienced Hurricane force winds since we left Florida.  Time is up.  The Pali lookout overlooks the Kanahoe Bay and provides a spectacular view of the surrounding areas....if you can stand up to the wind.