Friday, July 13, 2012

Mysterious Nikko

The first temple in Nikko was founded more than 1,200 years ago.  In 1616, the dying Shogun Tokugawa made it known to his son as his dying wish that a small shrine in Nikko be built to entomb him and would enshrine him as a God.  As a result, Nikko became home of the mausoleums of the Tokugawa Shoguns.  The shrines and temples here are very ornate, contrary to other temples and shrines in Japan.  A lot of color and gold leaf were used in the designs and they show a heavy Chinese influence.  The grounds are nestled among a forest of over 13,000 cedar trees. 

I have visited Nikko on several occasions so it was somewhere I wanted to take the kids to enjoy.  I think we have accomplished our overload of Shrines and Temples for awhile.  The rain held off and the weather was cool in the mountains, a sharp contrast to the humid high temperatures we left in Yokohama.  A fun couple of days.

Evan has a new fascination with ROCKS.  He was sharing with a group of Japanese kids.  They thought he was so Kawaii.

I am fascinated on the other hand with Lanterns.  Unfortunately, these are little too heavy to share.  Pictures will have to do.

The green moss was almost glowing.  I have no idea what these signs say but they sort of reminded me of something you would find in a Japanese Shrek swamp.
As long as there is water, mud or rocks, Evan can find happiness.

These were wishes at the Love shrine.  I love the "Come on Baby" wish. 

Nearing the "complete meltdown" moment.  And no, to all the older ladies passing by, he is not Daijyobu.

Too many captions to choose from

I love how Miranda captured the mystery of Nikko here. 

Miranda and Aaron are both taking online photography courses.  It is now a competition in the household when it comes to pictures.  Aaron won the right to the big camera on this trip.

Aaron, Shelby Mason and Miranda.

The famous Shinkyo Bridge that has been replicated in so many places.  This is the original I believe.  Miranda was determined they add food coloring to the water as it is a beautiful blue color. 

Where Oh Where...

How many countries can you visit in one day?  We visited the world.  Tobu World that is.  Tobu World is an amusement park close to Nikko that has models of over 100 of the most famous places in the world.  They are replicated with explicit detail to 1/25th the size of the original.  I remember this place from many years ago and it was on my bucket list of places I wanted to take the kids to.  They had a great time visiting many of the architectural wonders of the world.  Enjoy your tour!  How many of them can you name?  Post your response in the comments section.  Pictures by Miranda.

Love the droplets of water Miranda caught on this one.

This is a re-enactment of a traffic accident in NY City.  We loved the shoe shine guy on the side as a spectator.

New York

Did you know the Vatican was so close to the Eiffel Tower

The details on these models is amazing. 

This model of Ghangis Khan has a tear (raindrop).

Probably a better picture of The Great Wall then we would get if we visited.

Evan trying to add rocks as his addition to this display.  I'm sure someone was kept busy removing rocks most of the afternoon upon our departure.  Job Security, right!!